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Capsule Updates

Well, it's been over a month now, and for the past 45 days or so, I've stuck to (mostly) wearing only 31 items.

The only exceptions were: workout clothes (which I basically live in on the weekends) and a fancy dress for my company party that I forgot about until the week of. Once February hit, I started testing a service called Le Tote, and wore my Valentine's Day outfits.  

So, what did I learn?

1. 31 items is actually a lot. In fact, there were a couple items that I didn't even get around to wearing.

2. Don't put aspirational items in the capsule. I have some jeans that are a touchhhh too tight. They didn't get worn more than once or twice, were uncomfortable, and took up space that could have been otherwise used.

3. Wear an apron/don't hold things too dear. I splashed oil on a couple items while cooking. They're probably a lost cause now, which is a bummer.

4. I wear a lot of Madwell, J Crew, and Anthro .

5. Ponte pants are the most versatile, awesome thing ever.

6. I wasn't ready to stop at the end of January like I thought I would be.

7. I got rid of a bunch of stuff during this time...not just clothes, but other things. Decluttering in one area inspired decluttering in other areas.

So, I'm more or less going to stick to my capsule for the next week or so. Then, I'm going to Australia (where it is summer), so I will be packing some non-capsule items. When I return, I'm going to try making a springtime capsule, so stay tuned!

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