Dress for the day 5.7

Sometimes I wear something and wish I could wear it everyday. Such is the case with today's Dress For The Day. I have meetings today where I want to feel professional, but casual...kind of a Gwyneth on her day off look. (Though I'm pretty sure that Gwyneth wouldn't be wearing $20 sale rack pants. Her loss.) The shirt is from my best friend, Everlane. And the pants are ones that my sister made me try on at Anthro when I was in Austin...even though I was skeptical. Oh yes, and the Madewell necklace has definitely been worth the purchase so far. I probably wear it every other day.
I double-layered jackets today. A sad change from last week's bare-legged sunshine days. I guess it was kind of San Francisco to give me a few days of 80 degree temperatures. Austin made me homesick, but it was a little easier to come back knowing that I'd enjoy warm weather.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to look professional, but casual.


Dress for the day 4.30

Today is already shaping up to be awesome. I'm wearing a dress without tights because our high is supposed to be 88 degrees. I got up early and made a smoothie. One of my besties is in labor to meet her baby boy. Plus, it's my brother's birthday.
And, instead of posting what I'm wearing today, I wanted to share what happens when you visit your two sisters and I all ended up matching. None of us had seen what anyone else was wearing, and thought it was pretty awesome that we all put the same outfit. My middle sister, Christi, changed before we went out for the day because we already look enough alike that people always stare at us. But with all three of us matching, we looked a little too "our mom dressed us for family pictures".
And FYI, the shorts I'm wearing are one of my favorite purchases of the past few years. They work with sandals, boots, and booties (not pictured, but it looked fun). The shirt is from 3.1 Philip Lim for Target, which I snatched at the end of the season.
In case you're wondering, Texas was warm and wonderful. I had my favorite tacos and ice cream (not together), and came back in time for San Francisco to try to pretend it was like Texas with a couple nice, hot days.
Now, I've got baby updates to watch and sun to enjoy. Oh yes, and work to do.


Dress for the day 4.23

I'm catching a flight to Austin the afternoon. I'm going for my little sister's wedding shower and realized last night that I've forgotten how to dress for 90 degree days.
I used to travel quite a bit for work, and mostly enjoyed airports and planes and suitcases (I did want to be a pilot growing up, so maybe that has something to do with it). With extensive traveling came my "plane outfits", a sample of which I am modeling this morning in my very sunny living room before rushing out the door.
I wish I could be a breezy-dress flier, but I get way too cold. Therefore, boots and wooly socks. Also, a huge cardigan. This one is especially amazing.
A long time ago, a crush told me he always flew wearing a suit so that he'd be most likely to get offered first class seats. While I don't do suits, I always try to at least do my hair (thoughts on the curls? I just got a curling iron), and put on some makeup and accessories. I've only gotten bumped to first class once in probably 70 flights over the past few years...but hey, it might work again sometime.
Happy early weekend...I'll be in the land of summer and tacos...

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Dress for the day 4.16

It's a pretty day in Oakland (I'm hoping San Francisco will cooperate as well). I know that many would kill for the weather we have here, but I get cold almost every day. It must be the Texan in me. Most days I wear pants and woolly socks, and cover up with a coat (or two).
Today, I was missing the days where I'd wear skirts, so I figured I'd suck it up, and wear a dress. You're seeing the outfit before I layered on a cardigan and coat. I'm not 100% confident on the booties with the dress, but I'm going for it anyway. Booties work with everything according to Madewell...and I generally believe them.
Speaking of Madewell, I saw this necklace several months ago, and finally bought it last week with the profits from selling clothes and shoes on eBay. I'm pretty pleased with it so far, and hopefully, it holds up as well as the earrings I got from them in August (I've worn them almost every day since).
Now I'm off to a full day...with at least a little sun...and maybe the chance to go coat-less if I'm lucky!


oh, the places I'll go

It's always a good day to make a list. I found Moorea Seal's lists almost a year ago, and had yet to make one...until I saw Natalie's list project for this past week. It seemed like a good exercise. We live so close to so many amazing places, but we've been slow to explore them. 

Part of this was trying to be frugal (we've got some killer goals to pay off student loans thanks to Dave Ramsey). Part of it was not having a built-in dogsitter for Rufus. Part of it was the anxiety that pretty much ruled my last year. Part of it was laziness. Maybe part of it was fear that California would eventually win me over and I'd have to stop sulking.

So we're going to try to change that a bit this year. When we moved, I started making a list of places I wanted to see/go. Some are in our Oakland hood....some are in San Francisco. And I'm adding a few more that are none of the above. If you've been to any of these, please weigh in and tell me why I'll love it....and if you know someplace I should add to my list, go for it!

-Bake Sale Betty (an impossible line that SOMEDAY we will conquer)


-Spain...I want Robert to see where I studied abroad

-Canoe down Russian River (we've got this planned for Easter weekend)


-Savannah, GA

-Tea with friends

-Marfa, TX

-Chez Panisse

-Silent retreat at a monastery (any suggestions?)

-Costa Rica

-NYC (anytime)

-Oakland tool library


-Lake Tahoe, CA

-Yoga teacher training

-Austin (always)

-Nashville (always)

-Wanderlust yoga festival

-Carmel, CA


-more juice shops

-Colorado Springs, CO to revisit where I used to work every summer

-Italy (to see our Italian family again!)


-Gather Restaurant