Props to Myself.

So sorry for the long hiatus, we were in Texas for a bit, and I was basically internet-less, which was very nice. However, upon my return, I was pleased to see an almost exact copy of our current IKEA bedding situation on the Cookie blog. I was this close to getting that green duvet cover, but opted for a grey one instead, just because. But seriously, right down to the IKEA throw on the end of the bed. Have I sold out to the Swedes? Or, to quote "Be Kind, Rewind" - have I been "Sweded"?

I can't deny my love for IKEA.


Shoes, wonderful shoes.

I've always been into shoes, but this collection makes me look pretty tame. Check out those Louboutins at the top. So beautiful with the pleats.


Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!

tempting...this makes me want more riding boots.

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!



After a self-imposed Target ban, I simply had to go pick up some dishwashing liquid because, well, you know, no one else has dishwashing liquid besides, anyway.
I had almost forgotten about Orla Kiely's line for Target, and I finally saw it today in person. So cute! The aprons are very fun, and I'm a sucker for anything with dots. I have my eye on the serving tray, and am hoping that St. Louisians are too uncultured to notice all the cuteness, and that I can snag it on clearance. Yes, that's how cheap I am.

Desperate times call for practical a dustbuster. I'm turning into my Nana.


cardigan love

confession: i love cardigans. i feel them calling to me as walk by saying: "oh please buy me, i'm such a versatile piece." here's some of my faves at the moment.

from perennial favorite anthropologie

not usually what i go for...but really like this one from Delia's

oh jcrew, never a disappointment. beauty.

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