Dress for the day 4.2

I'm wearing my uniform today. I wonder how many times per month I wear this or some version of it?
I feel scattered (like the room behind me). It's been a tough week-lots going on at work and I've been stressed to the max. But tonight, I'm going to a book tour (for the Minimalists), and I'm taking comfort in that even though my mind may be racing, I'm in my uniform...I've checked the "get dressed" box off my to-do list and feel good about it.
So while this may be a repeat, it's a good one. Do you find comfort in a uniform too?


Dress for the day 3.26

You might have noticed that I'm not the world's greatest at wearing makeup. Ironic that what I thought would make me SOOO cool in junior high is something I wish I didn't have to bother with now.
Most of the time, I keep things pretty simple. Like...if you see me wearing eyeliner, you know that I'm making an effort.
Because I felt like it, I've been wearing lipstick this week. Rimmel and Influenster sent me a new style (Moisture Renew) to try, and I really liked it! It wasn't hard to put on (yes, this is a challenge for me), and lasted through coffee drinking. I also really appreciated that I didn't have to use lip-liner, which is another lipstick step that I haven't quite mastered. The color probably wasn't one I'd pick out on my own, but maybe that's a good thing...getting me out of my comfort zone.

You'll notice that I've paired the Meg Ryan 90s pants with a sweater-shirt this week, and I feel like Meg would approve. This feels very "You've Got Mail" to me...bouquets of sharpened pencils and whatnot. The weather was gorgeous last week, and I actually wore shoes that weren't boots.

And since it's supposed to be cloudy and rainy over the next week, I need some bright lipstick and YGM vibes to keep me cheery. (The Amarula I bought last week might help too).

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I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


Dress for the Day 3.19

I'm late to the game tonight. The day was busy, I got distracted.

But here we are. Halfway watching Property Brothers and feeling sore from the past week's activities (biking...and wrecking, my first yoga studies class, running, and life).

This shirt is the U-Neck from one of my long-time favorites, Everlane. They're based here in San Francisco, and last month, Rachel and I attended an afternoon preview party at their HQ, and I tried on some of their new items. I'd had a few dollars of credit in my account, and after trying out a few tees, went with this one and a long sleeve Ryan tee. So perfectly slouchy and soft. Just to rave about their customer service...this tee originally came with a tiny hole (never happened with my previous Everlane purchases), and Everlane told me to just keep it, and then credited my account to order another shirt and get free shipping. All within a couple days.

Their tees are Target-priced, but sourced directly from the producers (thus, the super low prices and quality). They also have gorgeous leather goods and tote bags, etc.

Don't you want to get in on the fun? Check out Everlane. Nope, they didn't even ask me to write this. I've just been impressed.

The pants are thanks to GAP, and I can't decide if they're too "Meg Ryan in the 90's"? I'm not sure that's a bad thing, because I LOVE Meg in the 90's...but what do you think?

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Dress for the day 3.5

You know in The Sound of Music, when the children are (overreacting for teenagers) scared of the storm and Maria sings the Favorite Things song?
This outfit is a mishmash of some of my favorite things because it makes me happy. Nothing soul-crushing is happening this week, but it's just been a few days where I've had a few disappointments (one being Juan Pablo's Bachelor choices), one angry lady yell at me about Rufus (he did misbehave), and a lot of stress from a super intense work deadline.
With a little help, I've learned over the past year that it's okay to feel sad and disappointed and angry. That may sound like a trite children's emotions book, but I realized how often I was turning sadness or anger into anxiety because I was trying to feel happy and unbothered.
So, I'm not going to try to push aside that I've felt a little down and overwhelmed...but I can wear a "few of my favorite things". As I looked in the mirror this morning, I thought, "I'm not sure if this outfit works." Then I decided that I didn't really care, because I liked it for today. (though I would like opinions on if it works for other days) These things all happen to be really comfortable too, and comfy clothes always make me happy...especially ponte pants and chucks.

Do you have a go-to outfit on a down day?

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Dress for the day 2.26

If you've been following along the past few weeks, you know that my blogging has been infrequent, mostly showing up once a week in the form of dress for the day. I wish I had the time to write about more exciting things, but right now is a season of busyness at work. And, when my work is mostly writing and editing and trying to be clever, I'm a little low on energy to do that in this space.
But, I'm not giving up here if you won't. While I'm mostly just showing you what I wore...this feels like a space where I get to connect, even if it's about something as small (but to me, day-brightening) as my penguin sweater.
I know things are a little overlit and fuzzy, but that way you don't see the bags under my me, it's better this way.
Thanks for being here and playing along.

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