Dress for the day 2.19

In high school, I found my first vintage t-shirt. It probably wasn't all that old, but it was soft enough, and definitely pre-worn. The shirt was red, with a Dairy Queen logo on the front, and the number 10 on the back. It belonged to Jacob first...his name was printed directly over his number. I told my friends that someday I would meet Jacob and we would fall in love. I felt that since the shirt was a kid's baseball or soccer shirt, Jacob probably had no more than 20 years on me, and it seemed plausible that someday we'd have a chance encounter where I'd be wearing his shirt and he'd then be awestruck and lovestruck by my serendipitous style.
I still haven't met Jacob, but the shirt lives on. I found much of my college wardrobe at goodwill and vintage stores...even got into eBay to track down more super soft shirts with imagined stories.
This, however, is one of my favorites because I know where it came mom wore this shirt in college. I can't believe I talked her into giving it to me (unlike her 1980s Dallas Cowboys shirt). I've carried on the tradition proudly-I wore this shirt all the time in college, but have worn it less more recently for fear that it will fall apart. But since my #stylemefeb challenge for today was vintage, I knew I needed to break it out. And I have to admit that I have a huge soft spot for Sandra Boynton...just like my mom. Yellow cat holding a heart balloon? I'm basically guaranteed a fantastic day.
Do you have a vintage piece with a story...real or imagined?


Dress for the day 2.12

I need some input here (I know I asked for advice last week too...I'll try to be less needy).
Does this outfit work?
I directed a photoshoot yesterday for work, and wanted to wear something that was comfy, but also said "I'm totally an art director"...which I'm not.
These pants are knit and from the "lounge" section at Anthro. Not pajamas, lounge. When I bought them, everyone agreed they could be worn as real pants.
I originally put on ankle boots, but after some help from Robert, agreed that the d'orsay flats looked better.
So c'mon and weigh in. Thoughts on the pants? Thoughts on whether the shirt works with the pants? Thoughts on your favorite Girl Scout cookies? (Samoas for me)


Dress for the day 2.5

What I really want to know is...should I hem this dress a bit?
I found this dress at Madwell on super sale ($30) a couple weeks ago, and Robert and my visiting friend Joanna made sure that I bought it. The store clerk suggested that I wear heels with it...but we all know that probably won't happen.
Today's challenge for StyleMeFeb is "A Darling Dress", so that's what I'm trying to do.
(I'm doing the StyleMeFeb challenge, so make sure you're joining me over on Instagram)
So please hem? Or not to hem?


style me february (join the challenge)

Yesterday, I wore a shirt that I got during my junior year of college in New York. I had actually kind of forgotten about it...but I'm trying to re-shop my closet. And wouldn't you know...I got a compliment on my outfit yesterday. My goals to be super aggressive on paying down student loans (yay grad school) mean I'm trying not to shop, but re-exploring what I already have.

Enter Style Me February. I'm going to play along with Hilary's challenge, and I'd love for you to join me. I can't promise that I'll post all my outifts here...but they'll be on instagram, so make sure we're friends (just click on the little camera icon on the left). We start tomorrow!


Dress for the day 1.29

Short and sweet. That's today's post and today's outfit. Technically, this is a tunic, but I'm short, so it becomes a dress. A smocked dress, in fact, which the Southerner in me loves in moderation.

1. I'm wearing UGGs...I know. Not the cutest option, but it got cold. I felt like the little Alaskan girl in this segment I grew up watching on Sesame Street. Mukluks and dress.
2. My hair wasn't behaving. It happens. Please grow, hair.
3. After a 3 day weekend, I jumped right back into busyness. Obviously work and life and workouts, but also Monday night class, Tuesday night church group, Wednesday night book club. I planned all my outfits for these days in advance so I could sleep more. It was a good decision, and I'm still sleepy.

That's the short and sweet of it for today...

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