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Ok, y'all. Obviously the blog's been quiet these days. But I'm back for a little adventure in minimalism. 

Perhaps you remember my Minimalism Game?

Well, I've been feeling the same way about my clothes. I've been watching these capsule wardrobe ideas for a while, and decided to take the leap into wearing a minimal amount of clothes for a set amount of time. There's some people who are already doing this well who inspired me: Un-fancy, Elise Joy, and Project 333

As January began, I picked out 31 items (for the 31 days of January). For the rest of the month, I will be wearing only these 31 items. Of course, there's a few exclusions. I'm not counting warmth-wear (coats, cardis), shoes, or workout wear. So far, here's a few highlights.

And don't worry, our Christmas tree is now down, and everything has been moved back into place post chair-refinishing. If you want to follow along the rest of the month, I'm instagramming most non-workout clothes days (aka weekends). 

If this goes well, I'll try it again in February (with 28 days...and 28 items).


a dress for the day pause

Starting today, I'm taking a Dress for the Day hiatus. 

Dress for the Day came into my life a little over a year ago thanks to my friend, Abby.

Abby and I overlapped lives for a few months here in the Bay Area after meeting in Nashville forever ago....and I'm so glad we got to reconnect. I started reading her blog, and really liked the idea of dressing "for the day you want to have...not the day that's trying to have you." 

In April of last year, I kind of felt like the days were trying to "have me." I was in a new state, laid off from the job I'd moved for just three months prior, and was pretty dang lonely.

Dress for the Day became my way to make sure I didn't lounge around in yoga pants every day (not that there's anything wrong with that) while growing dejected about a pile of unanswered job applications. 

Once I landed a new job, I kept going with Dress for the Day because it helped me feel a little less on my own in the land of the internet. It sounds silly, but I loved hearing comments from friends and family when I posted my DFTD photos. It made me feel a little less far away from people I missed deeply. Could I also have just picked up the phone and called them? Sure...and sometimes I did that too. I took every little bit of connection I could find.

But now, I think it's time to take a little hiatus from my Wednesday postings here. It's become a little less fun to stick to the program every week, so I'm going to go rogue. I might still do an outfit post here and there, but I need a little less commitment in my life over the summer. (Don't worry, I'll be sure to post a picture of my wedding attire when my little sister gets married in just over a week!)

But keep it right here, folks. I don't plan on giving up on this space or on you.

I'm closing out the fun with a new version of one of my early Dress for the Day outfits that I wore a few days ago.

In the new version, I'm wearing a shirt from my friend Natalie (we met online though we both lived in STL at the same time). If you like what you see, I recommend hopping over to her adoption fundraising shirt site.

Last year's version (pre Makeshift Society meetup where I first met a good friend)

This year's version. Longer hair...but still not top-knot ready. And Rufus is definitely lurking somewhere.


Dress for the day 5.14


Well, everyone...it's another beautiful day here in Oakland. Temperatures are supposed to get up to the 90s, so I'm happy. It's also Rufus' birthday (and our friends Erin and Michael)...and our living room is a mess because I'm trying to clean out our closets. 
In celebration of all this, even the mess, I'm wearing no sleeves and sandals. Robert gave me this shirt on my birthday the first year we were married, and it's a good one. It's even Baylor colors!
I think I only have a couple more days of super warm weather, so I'm going to try to enjoy it...at least on my lunch breaks. Rufus wants to make sure he gets in on this action, so you get an extra bonus photo today.


Dress for the day 4.23

I'm catching a flight to Austin the afternoon. I'm going for my little sister's wedding shower and realized last night that I've forgotten how to dress for 90 degree days.
I used to travel quite a bit for work, and mostly enjoyed airports and planes and suitcases (I did want to be a pilot growing up, so maybe that has something to do with it). With extensive traveling came my "plane outfits", a sample of which I am modeling this morning in my very sunny living room before rushing out the door.
I wish I could be a breezy-dress flier, but I get way too cold. Therefore, boots and wooly socks. Also, a huge cardigan. This one is especially amazing.
A long time ago, a crush told me he always flew wearing a suit so that he'd be most likely to get offered first class seats. While I don't do suits, I always try to at least do my hair (thoughts on the curls? I just got a curling iron), and put on some makeup and accessories. I've only gotten bumped to first class once in probably 70 flights over the past few years...but hey, it might work again sometime.
Happy early weekend...I'll be in the land of summer and tacos...

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Dress for the Day 3.19

I'm late to the game tonight. The day was busy, I got distracted.

But here we are. Halfway watching Property Brothers and feeling sore from the past week's activities (biking...and wrecking, my first yoga studies class, running, and life).

This shirt is the U-Neck from one of my long-time favorites, Everlane. They're based here in San Francisco, and last month, Rachel and I attended an afternoon preview party at their HQ, and I tried on some of their new items. I'd had a few dollars of credit in my account, and after trying out a few tees, went with this one and a long sleeve Ryan tee. So perfectly slouchy and soft. Just to rave about their customer service...this tee originally came with a tiny hole (never happened with my previous Everlane purchases), and Everlane told me to just keep it, and then credited my account to order another shirt and get free shipping. All within a couple days.

Their tees are Target-priced, but sourced directly from the producers (thus, the super low prices and quality). They also have gorgeous leather goods and tote bags, etc.

Don't you want to get in on the fun? Check out Everlane. Nope, they didn't even ask me to write this. I've just been impressed.

The pants are thanks to GAP, and I can't decide if they're too "Meg Ryan in the 90's"? I'm not sure that's a bad thing, because I LOVE Meg in the 90's...but what do you think?

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if you buy through my Everlane link, I receive store credit.