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Ok, y'all. Obviously the blog's been quiet these days. But I'm back for a little adventure in minimalism. 

Perhaps you remember my Minimalism Game?

Well, I've been feeling the same way about my clothes. I've been watching these capsule wardrobe ideas for a while, and decided to take the leap into wearing a minimal amount of clothes for a set amount of time. There's some people who are already doing this well who inspired me: Un-fancy, Elise Joy, and Project 333

As January began, I picked out 31 items (for the 31 days of January). For the rest of the month, I will be wearing only these 31 items. Of course, there's a few exclusions. I'm not counting warmth-wear (coats, cardis), shoes, or workout wear. So far, here's a few highlights.

And don't worry, our Christmas tree is now down, and everything has been moved back into place post chair-refinishing. If you want to follow along the rest of the month, I'm instagramming most non-workout clothes days (aka weekends). 

If this goes well, I'll try it again in February (with 28 days...and 28 items).